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Learning How to Pray, Part III: “Praying for Forgiveness”



Here we learn from the Lord what it means for believers to pray for forgiveness. This is a continuation of the exposition of Luke 11:1-4.


“The Sovereignty of God and September 11th”


This is a message I preached on the 10th anniversary of 09-11-2001 and reflected on God’s goodness, power, love, and control, even in the midst of evil. You can listen to it here:

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Sermons that have Changed My Life #2: “You will be Eaten by Cannibals…” by John Piper


One of the first biographical sermons I had ever heard, but its impact still stays with me today. The life of John G. Patton is thoroughly inspiring. You can find this resource here:

Learning How to Pray, Part 1: Praying for the Kingdom to Come


I preached this sermon a couple of years ago and it made a deep impact in my life at the time and I think it had some meaning in the lives of others. Prayer is the language of dependance and humility…. where better to learn than from the Lord Himself.

Find the link here…


Continue to follow R3D and look for a new post tomorrow on Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”

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Sermons That Have Changed My Life #1: “God is Not a Beggar?…” Dr. Russell Moore

I have listened to this one singular sermon multiple times. There is a beauty in the way that Moore preaches that makes him unique in many ways: southern charm, story arch, and most importantly the redemptive story of Christ crucified for sinners. If you take the time to listen you will be dramatically impacted as Dr. Moore takes on this most important theme of the God who reconciles people to Himself through the ministry of reconciliation He has given to us. Listen here:

Continue to follow R3D as we examine life, ministry, and culture in light of the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Duty of Christian Parents


As I continue to give links and brief introduction to each sermon that will be featured here I am reminded of the wonderful support that I have received from Memorial Baptist Church in New Castle, Indiana. MBC has time and again supported me and given me the liberty to receive advanced theological education and the time that it takes to prepare rich, substantive, Gospel centered preaching.

Also, my darling wife (Rachel) has made enormous sacrifices for the Kingdom of God and considers them only slight and momentary in light of the surpassing greatness in service to our King, Jesus.

In this sermon I examine the responsibility of Christian parents to raise their children in accordance to the scriptural precepts. By examining Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (The Shema) we learn of God’s expectation for Parents, children, and the covenant community. Take a listen and enjoy. Find it here:

The next link share in the R3D preaching series will be examining what the Gospel of Luke has to teach us about the necessity of prayer.

Kingdom Invasion for Christian Morality

This was a sermon that I recently preached on the book of Micah 6:1-8. This is one of the key stone arches in book, but what is interesting is that in order to really facilitate the ethics that God requires we must first be transformed by the Spirit of God through the Gospel of Christ. Our morality derives from the invasion of the Kingdom of God in and through our lives, otherwise our morality is based in trying to conform to a Law that we can uphold.

You can find it here:

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War Cry: Life in the Spirit of Christ, Part I: The Divine Nature of the Holy Spirit


Do you know what you mean by these words, so often repeated—the Holy Spirit? What place has God the Holy Spirit in your religion? What do you know of His office, His work, His indwelling, His fellowship, and His power?

I believe that the times in which we live demand frequent and distinct testimonies upon this great subject. I believe that few truths of the Christian religion are so often obscured and spoiled by false doctrine as the truth about the Holy Spirit.” ~J.C. Ryle


As I preached this morning one of the overarching points I wanted to make was that we can, as a Christian community, sometimes have our vision of God obscured by either focusing in on one attribute of God to the exclusion of other—this can create an imbalance in worship and also distort the one true vision of the God of the Bible.

What is the countermeasure? Well, sound doctrine is a major component here. Doctrine sounds divisive, and it is. But it can be good to find out that the Christian church has stood upon teachings like the Tri-unity of God and the deity of Christ as ways of separating them from enemies of the Cross of Christ.

So, in this series (and the sermon will uploaded soon) we seek to examine and hammer out the particular nature and character of the Godhead and have a fuller grasp of the One God, revealed in Three Distinct (Never Separate) Persons.

The reason this is so important is because the Church has to learn to speak clearly and articulately about what we believe; working from within in the context of scripture—leaving the empty chatter and false visions of God behind us. It is like what the Reformer, Calvin articulated, “…how can the human mind measure off the measureless essence of God according to its own little measure… Let us then willingly leave to God the knowledge of Himself…” And if we can only know God by coming to His word for His self-disclosure…then by all means go to the sources, turn to the book, read the Old, Old Story—get the vision of God from God Himself.

Find the sermon link here (special thanks to my good friends and fellow Christians, Harold Thornbro and Brian McKinney, who have done the hard work of keeping our sermons up to date at, thanks guys):

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War Cry: Life in the Spirit of Christ


“And he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” And they said, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.”
Acts 19:2

John’s disciple’s are not the only ones who need to be clued in who the Spirit is, what the Holy Spirit does in Salvation, and how the Holy Spirit wars against the flesh in our struggle for holiness. As a Pastor-Resident Theologian (and the guy who also places the water cups near the water dispenser on Sunday mornings) one of my concerns is making sure that my church family has a biblical understanding of doctrine and how that doctrine matters for all of life, because the Bible leads us to that end.

That means things like the Tri-unity of God, and the economy of the God head, and the relationship of the Father to the Son, the Son to Spirit, and the One God working together as three distinct Persons is important to life in the body of Christ as well as for Christian growth in knowledge and holiness.

So, that means for the next three Sundays that I am preaching I am going to be dealing with deep doctrinal issues as they relate to character & nature of the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit’s work in our redemption, and how the Spirit of Christ, in many ways, shouts a cry of war against our flesh. This way we can not only say that we have “…heard that there is a Holy Spirit,” instead we can say we know His presence, His power, and His pleadings in our life. I will be sharing the sermons here at Raised3rdDay.