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“What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert

What is the Gospel? It is really the most important question you could ever be asked or answer. Gilbert does a great job of raising the dilemma in the Christian community of knowing aspects and bits of the Gospel, but not giving a comprehensive answer. Gilbert’s book is a help to that end. You can find it here:

515002: What Is the Gospel? What Is the Gospel?
By Greg Gilbert / Crossway Books & Bibles

This newest addition to the IXMarks series presents a clear, straightforward statement of the gospel, the third mark of a healthy church.

What is the gospel? It seems like a simple question, yet it has been known to incite some heated responses, even in the church. How are we to formulate a clear, biblical understanding of the gospel? Tradition, reason, and experience all leave us ultimately disappointed. If we want answers, we must turn to the Word of God.

Greg Gilbert does so in What Is the Gospel? Beginning with Paul’s systematic presentation of the gospel in Romans and moving through the sermons in Acts, Gilbert argues that the central structure of the gospel consists of four main subjects: God, man, Christ, and a response. The book carefully examines each and then explores the effects the gospel can have in individuals, churches, and the world. Both Christian and non-Christian readers will gain a clearer understanding of the gospel in this valuable resource.


Today’s Book Recommendation: Rick Cornish’s Series “5 Minute…”

Listen everyone is a Theologian, but are we any good? Rich Cornish is deliberate in his attempts to help us become better Christian thinkers in shorter burst of time. As a Pastor I recommend this to Men and Women (Teens too) who are on the go. I recommend this link:

834832: 5-Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time 5-Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time
By Rick Cornish / NAV Press

What’s your theological IQ? Too embarrassed to say? Don’t feel bad. Millions of Christians are as intimidated by theology as you are.

Divided up into one hundred easy-to-understand readings, 5 Minute Theologian will help you gain a better grasp of God, grace, Satan, sin, election, and many other essential concepts of your faith. In three months, you can become dramatically more informed than the average Sunday churchgoer.

Theology isn’t something for just pastors to study. You also need to understand God’s Word and principles to protect you and your family against a barrage of half-truths and outright lies. This book will give you a maximum amount of truth with a minimum commitment of time.

This Weeks Book Recommendation: “Who Needs Theology?” by Roger Olson and Stanley Grenz


I love this book and have read it multiple times in Bible study groups as I have mentored other men to learn to study theology. It is one of the first books I have thinking Christians read before they tread the waters of the deep (you know what they say, ‘C’mon man I want my Berkhof and I want it now,’ with really intense stare with the TULIP in their eyes and I’m like, ‘Chill out spawn of Calvin and read Roger Olsen for some balance’) and get them thinking about theological frameworks and categories.

This book is written in plain language so that everyone can understand that EVERYONE NEEDS THEOLOGY, BECAUSE EVERYONE…at least in some sense, is a THEOLOGIAN. The question that the drives the book is this: Do you have good theology or bad theology. Find the resource here:

Who Needs Theology?: An Invitation to the Study of God