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From Mormonism to Ministry


So, here is my story of how I left Mormonism and became a Christian and subsequently went into Christian ministry. Special thanks to my friend Harold Thornbro for inviting me onto his Podcast ( You can follow the link here:

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The Unexpected Journey: Conversations with People Who Turned From Other Beliefs to Jesus, by Thom Rainer


This book is not an apologetic of the mind, but instead its one of the heart. These stories have two points of commonality. 1) Each story recounts how someone turned to Jesus from a different religion, philosophy, or ideology to the Christian conception of Christ; and 2) How God used the loving actions of other Christians to reach them for the Gospel.

My hope is to one day, really soon, have weekly roundtable discussion with my fellow Church members as we endeavor to see people brought from darkness into the light. You can get a hard copy at the link above or a digital copy at the link below: