Revenge of the Blog

Yes, I realize that I have started a blog…again. Blogs. Hmm, I have started blogs before and they have started with all kinds of excitement and what not, only to die and land in the pit of despair and blogatory in only what seems like a singular day (hmm, okay a literal day). I repent. After much thinking and reading and discernment I want to blog because I like to communicate about a lot of different things that relate to my life, my family, my ministry, and especially how it relates to the Gospel. Maybe you will read it a few times, maybe you won’t (shame on you, where is your loyalty…quitter), but I hope to be of some benefit to my fiends, counterparts, peers, and church family as you get a little bit of an inside scoop as we peel back the different layers of life and relate them to the wonderful news that Jesus was on the 3rd Day Raised~1st Corinthians 15:4



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